All systems operational

Bot-Host #3 unreachable

Major outage
Started 18 days ago Lasted about 1 hour


SCNX Bot-Hosts
Bot-Host #3
  • Resolved

    All bots hosted on Bot-Host #3 have automatically resumed their previous state, and Bot-Host #3 should be reachable as well. We apologize for this issue caused by a disruption in the data center of our hosting provider.

  • Monitoring

    Our hosting provider has advised as that the host should be reachable again. Hosted bots are resuming their previous state and will be available in the following minutes. We're continuing to monitor the situation.

  • Identified

    Our hosting provider has confirmed that this issue has been caused by disruption in their Dusseldorf data center. They are working on resolving this issue as fast as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and are in contact with our provider to provide updates asap.

  • Investigating

    Automated monitoring has shown that Bot-Host #3 is not reachable at the moment. Our team has been notified and we're investigating this issue.